Measure soil and rock properties in-situ or in the laboratory.


BOREMAC Self-boring pressuremeterBOREMAC-Self-boring-pressuremeter_medium
The BOREMAC self-boring pressuremeter system is used for the in-situ measurement of mechanical properties of fine soils. It utilizes a standard N size monocellular TEXAM probe which bores its way into place through fine soils.







Hoek Triaxial CellHoek-Triaxial-Cell_medium
The Hoek Triaxial Cell is designed to determine the triaxial strength of diamond drill cores of rock or concrete.

Tests carried out on a series of samples under different confining pressures allow the user to determine:

Strength and elastic properties
Shear strength at different confining pressures
Angle of shearing resistance and cohesion
Modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio



PROBEX Borehole DilatometerPROBEX-Borehole-Dilatometer_medium
The PROBEX dilatometer is a radially expandable borehole probe used to determine, in-situ, the modulus of elasticity of soft and moderately hard rocks. Tests run with the PROBEX can reach working pressures of 30 000 kPa. The probe is inflated hydraulically by means of a two-way ram, and deformation readings are obtained by monitoring the displacement of the twin pistons.


G-200 Fall Cone ApparatusG-200-Fall-Cone-Apparatus_medium
The G-200 is a fall cone apparatus used to provide a quick and accurate method for determining the undrained shear strength and the sensitivity of both undisturbed and remoulded clays. This system is portable, fast, accurate and easy to use. It is also used to determine the liquid limits (fineness number).




TRI-MOD-S PressuremeterTRI-MOD-S-Pressuremeter_medium
The TRI-MOD-S is a pressuremeter used to measure the in-situ strength and stress-strain properties of stiff soils and soft rocks. It stands out from the other pressuremeters by allowing tests to 20 000 kPa. It measures diametric changes, allowing anisotropy measurements.




LP and MP Inflatable PackerLP-and-MP-Inflatable-Packer_medium
The LP and MP inflatable packers are made of one stainless steel shaft with one fixed and one sliding head. The gland is made of reinforced rubber. The unit can be supplied as a single or straddle packer with a central injection zone of 0.5 meter or longer. Different diameters are available and cover a wide variety of boreholes in which the packer may be used.







M-1000 Vane BorerM-1000-Vane-Borer_medium
The M-1000 vane borer is an instrument for carrying out in-situ shear tests in cohesive soils.
The test results appear graphically on a waxed paper disk that constitutes a permanent record. It is simple to use and has a very small relative vane volume displacement.

The instrument is normally mounted on a boring rig for testing at various depths without a drilled hole, or is mounted on the casing of a borehole using an adapter.




MOD-2A Mini PackersMOD-2A-Mini-Packers_medium
The MOD-2A is a small packer used for measuring pore water pressure at rock/concrete interface in tunnels, underground openings and basements. It is suitable for short-term monitoring of pressure during construction or rehabilitation of underground structures. The MOD-2A consists of a small mechanical packer inserted in a borehole, combined with an external vibrating wire pressure transducer (or a manometer).



PIL-7 Point Load TesterPIL-7-Point-Load-Tester_medium
The PIL-7 is a point load tester designed to determine the point load strength index. This index provides a method to establish rock strength classification. The PIL-7 is a rugged system armoured with a shield to protect from flying chips upon failure. It is portable and strongly built with conical platens conforming to ISRM suggested method.



TEXAM PressuremeterTEXAM-Pressuremeter_medium
The TEXAM is a pressuremeter used to run in-situ loading tests at various depths on a routine basis. It has been developed to offer an easier-to-operate type of pressuremeter. Cyclic and creep testing can be performed with this type of pressuremeter. It is a reliable instrument for the evaluation of most ground engineering problems.




G-AM II Ménard PressuremeterG-AM-II-Menard-Pressuremeter_medium
The G-AM II is a Menard pressuremeter used for measurement of in-situ strength and stress-strain properties of soils, soft rock and permafrost. It is an efficient instrument for the evaluation of many ground engineering problems. It features built-in high pressure conversion facilities and direct readout of guard cell pressure.




H-60 Field Inspection Vane TesterH-60-Field-Inspection-Vane-Tester_medium
The H-60 is a field inspection vane tester used to provide a rapid check of the stability of foundations, excavations and trenches in clay. It enables quick and easy determination of the undrained shear strength of clay. The instrument is strong enough to be used as a handle during penetration and retraction of the vane.